Come hell or high water, we’re still hiring!

Come hell or high water, we’re still hiring!

As you’ve noticed, there’s a big flood in Calgary. Crews are working
everywhere to repair damage, restore power, and pump out water.
Calgarians are doing an amazing job of pulling together and helping each
other out. Here’s the latest news.


Our office is on 16th Avenue North and we’re still hosting interviews this
week. Call us at 403-521-0077 or email us to set up an interview. Our
growing roster of talent work as extras and actors on movie and TV sets
in and around Calgary, and also brand ambassadors, event hosts, liquor
demonstrators, and more.


Our contest on Facebook closes this Friday. The star of the video with
the most likes gets the top prize of $100. There’s still four days left
to vote.


So how about that flood…


The 101st Calgary Stampede will go on as scheduled.


This weekend Nenshi delivered a redundant message to those who decided
to canoe on the Bow: “I can’t believe I actually have to say this, but
I’m going to say it. The river is closed. You cannot boat on the river.
I have a large number of nouns that I can use to describe the people I
saw in a canoe on the Bow river today. I am not allowed to use any of


The Red Cross is going to receive proceeds from the sales from a Scuba
Nenshi T-shirt designed by a local artist.


According to sportscaster and radio host Eric Francis, Harvey the
Hound’s severed head was found floating around the Saddledome.


The famous food trucks hit the streets to provide free meals to evacuees
and workers.


Widespread false reports stated that the downtown Courts buildings were
being used to house zoo animals. The Calgary Police tweeted: “Clarifying
a rumour for #yyc. There are NO zoo animals being sheltered at the
Courts. #yycflood”.


Stay safe everyone. Photo by Paul Bica (CC BY 2.0)


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